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What are the Best American Universities in Florence? How to Enroll?


best american universities in florence

As a hub for American study abroad students, Florence is home to plenty of American universities. Each school offers a unique experience, and we will discuss some of the best programs in regards to academic, cultural, and professional development. 

New York University: Florence

The New York University (NYU) program in Florence provides a rewarding cultural and educational experience for students. With courses in humanities and social sciences, art history, Italian, and other subjects, this university encourages learning that extends beyond the classroom. From site visits to guest lectures, as a student in this program, you will develop culturally, personally, and academically. 

In addition to the great educational opportunities, NYU’s Florence campus is conveniently located just a 20-minute walk away from the city center. The academic center is 57 acres with 5 villas, gardens, olive gardens, and beautiful art pieces.

As for student living, NYU arranges housing for the students, and each student will live in a villa in the estate. Students also have a meal plan, making it easy to experience and appreciate the local dishes and tastes of Florence and Italy in general. 

Syracuse University: Florence

As one of the oldest study abroad programs in Florence, Syracuse University continues to impress students with its campus, academic courses, and dedication to cultural immersion. 

The campus hub, Villa Rossa, is home to administrative offices, classrooms, a computer lab, and a snack bar. In addition, Syracuse University has separate studios for the studio arts and architecture classes, each with a private garden for the students to enjoy. 

Syracuse University offers a wide range of courses in various disciplines, featuring many art classes, literature classes, and Italian classes, as well as a few mathematics courses, nutrition courses, and film courses. However, these classes are just a fraction of what the university offers, and a wide variety of majors can benefit from these courses. The diverse course offerings are one of the reasons Syracuse University is among the best American universities in Florence.

Stanford University: Florence

Stanford University’s Florence program is devoted to fully immersing students into the culture of both Florence and Italy as a whole. To achieve this, Stanford University offers homestays, the Language Partners Program, as well as research, internship, and public service opportunities for students to take advantage of. The 2 subject matters studied at the university are Renaissance History and Art and Contemporary Italian and European Studies. 

This university is unique because students who wish to participate must have completed at least 3 quarters of Italian. Due to this requirement, some of the classes in the program are taught exclusively in Italian instead of English. This guarantees cultural immersion and ensures students will get an authentic Italian experience.

California State University: Florence

California State University aims to provide students with an authentic experience of Florence in every aspect – fashion, art, food, and more. Along with providing a wide range of course selections, this program combines cultural experience with classroom learning to offer a powerful program. 

During CSU’s Florence program, all students must complete a 3-week Intensive Language Program before beginning their semester. In addition, the university has its own library, complete with more than 4,000 volumes. Arts and music, education, and humanities and social sciences are the main areas of study at this university. 

CSU has its own study center, which is conveniently only a short walk from the duomo. Each course is taught in a way that utilizes the culture of Florence to guide the learning, making the program both a unique cultural and academic experience.

best american universities in florence

CEA CAPA Education Abroad: Florence

CEA CAPA was once 2 separate entities, CEA Cultural Experience Abroad and CAPA – Global Education Network. The 2 universities recently merged, establishing a new program, CEA CAPA Education Abroad. CEA CAPA prides itself on a strong academic focus, international work experience, excellence in career development, and affordable, convenient options.

This program offers an international internship program for students wishing to differentiate themselves in a global market, while also participating in classes to advance their academics. Students who opt for the 3-credit internship must undergo an application and placement process prior to coming abroad. Once placed, they must complete 20 hours a week with their host internship in addition to taking an internship course.

CEA CAPA has 2 study centers, one located in Piazza Della Repubblica and the other situated between the duomo, Palazzo Vecchio, and Basilica di Santa Croce. Studio arts classes take place in a nearby building. The program offers a wide range of classes, with many of the classes including field trips to relevant museums and site visits to augment classroom studies.

Florida State University: Florence

Florida State University (FSU) in Florence offers both broad and specialized educational experiences, and employs learning strategies that allow students to grow inside and outside of the classroom.

FSU in Florence allows students to fulfill general education and elective requirements. In addition, the program offers various volunteer opportunities to promote local interaction. Various program excursions are included, so students experience not just Tuscany, but Italy as a whole. This program has broad and specific educational offerings. Hospitality, fashion merchandising, and communication are some majors that have specific programs at FSU in Florence. 

The study center is located only a short walk away from the Ponte Vecchio, Piazza della Signoria, and the Uffizi Gallery. Within the center, there is a cafe, a library, student lounges, classrooms, media labs, and a kitchen. As for student housing, participants will live in traditional Florentine-style housing, and each student’s accommodation is guaranteed to be no more than a 25-minute walk from FSU’s campus. 

Other Universities

There are of course many more American universities in Florence. A few of the other American universities with great Florence programs include:

It is important to note that this is not a complete list of the American universities in Florence, and there are even more American universities in Florence. No program is the exact same, and each one has its unique advantages.

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