Italian notaries are officials appointed by the government who act as an impartial witness in the signing of documents in order to make them legally valid and who certify documents for the purpose of verification when required by law. Italy distributes notaries into 91 districts whose territory coincides with the jurisdiction of the corresponding court. Districts with fewer than 15 notaries can be combined to form a single Notary Council.

In order to legally close a real estate deal in Italy, a notary verification is required. This also serves as a guarantee that the interests of both parties are satisfied. The notary is responsible for ascertaining that the deal and all documents related to it are legal, and to ensure that both parties understand the legal consequences arriving from their actions. The notary provides the parties with trustworthy administration over the finalization of the real estate deal. Having the right notary makes certain that all obligatory administrative steps are conducted in a smooth and efficient manner.


How to find a notary online The official page of the Consiglio Nazionale del Notariato (The National Council of Notaries) is a national registry of notaries established in 2012. The Find a Notary section contains a user-friendly search engine where the user can simply enter the region or province and/or specific location to obtain a list of notaries in that area. The results contain all the contact and professional information for each notary. The registry also contains annotations, if applicable, of any disciplinary measures taken against the notary. This allows prospective clients to research individual notaries before deciding to work with them.

European Directory of Notaries: The European Directory of Notaries  is an official website funded by a programme for Justice of the European Union. It provides the same user-friendly notary search based on location as with; however, it also allows users to search based on languages spoken by the notary, making it an especially useful database for non-italian speakers. Finding a notary speaking the desired language helps facilitate smooth communication without the additional expense of hiring a translator.



We have an extensive network of professional contacts and long-standing relationships with a variety of professionals in the real estate industry. Our skilled team of experts fluent in English assist and advise prospective foreign investors in the process of finding the right notary, as well as advise on the selection of specific professionals based on our work experience with them. We will facilitate the communication with the notary by offering translation services, if needed, and by advising on all legal documents to ensure their compliance with the provisions of the law.