ILF Italian Law Firm takes pride in its diverse and specialized team of attorneys, each equipped with distinct backgrounds and expertise. These professionals are adept in a variety of practice areas, including Corporate and Commercial Law, Real Estate, Intellectual Property, Employment, Taxation, Family Law, and more.
With a history of successful case outcomes and a roster of satisfied clients, our attorneys showcase a proven track record. They maintain a keen eye on evolving legal landscapes, ensuring that their knowledge remains current and their guidance remains cutting-edge. Effective collaboration lies at the core of ILF Italian Law Firm. Our attorneys work harmoniously, tapping into their collective wisdom to provide holistic solutions. This collaborative spirit ensures that you benefit from a comprehensive perspective on your legal matters.

Meet our attorneys

Michele Ambrogio

Managing Partner at Italy Law Firms

Lawyer and Legal Consultant

I am the founder of ILF Law Firm and website. I specialize in IP and ICT law, helping clients with e-business setup, distribution agreements, advertising compliance, international commerce, establishing presence in Italy, and handling inheritance procedures for assets in Italy.

Riccardo Gaetani

Senior Partner – Attorney at Law

Civil litigation, international contracts, corporate Italian law and business consultancy.

I’ve been practicing Italian and International Law since 1998 when I obtained my law degree from the University of Florence. 
Among the founders of ILF Law Firm, I’ve been assisting many foreign investors in completing their projects in Italy.

Laura Innocenti

Senior Partner –  Attorney at Law

Criminal law, Immigration Law

I am one of the founders of ILF, Italy Law Firm. 
I obtained my Law Decree from the University of Florence and, since then, I matured more than 20 years of experience in assisting international clients with criminal issues, and in obtaining a VISA in Italy.

Natalie Watkins


Financial, banking, legal

As a broker, I have gained extensive experience in assisting international clients in the fields of banking and finance. I have had the privilege of working with some of the most established business consultancy firms, such as Deloitte, for many years. Through this experience, I have developed a top-notch level of proficiency that enables me to provide crucial assistance to my clients.

Lorenzo Novelli

Junior Partner

Criminal Law, Real Estate Law, Commercial Law

I have been practicing law for the past five years and have recently joined ILF, Italy Law Firm. My patience and passion have been highly appreciated by international clients. I specialize in Real Estate Law and contractual law, and my professional skills have been recognized as a point of strength for the firm.
Among the founders of ILF Law Firm, I’ve been assisting many foreign investors in completing their projects in Italy.

Barbara Giabbani


Property Renovation, Building Permits, Technical Inspection

I am one of the founders of ILF and have been working as a surveyor and technical advisor for more than 20 years. During this time, I have been able to assist international clients in securing their purchase of real estate in Italy. Additionally, I have managed numerous renovation projects, addressing both bureaucratic and practical challenges.

Jeremy Onslow-Macaulay

Property Advisor

Real Estate

I am a highly experienced real estate consultant at our international law firm. With a deep understanding of the property market, I assist our clients in finding their ideal properties tailored to their specific needs. My expertise and dedication ensure a seamless and successful property search process, delivering exceptional results for our clients.

Massimiliano Esposito


Corporate and commercial law, Tax law, Labor law

I am a highly qualified professional dedicated to the fields of chartered accounting, auditing, business consulting, and legal advocacy. My expertise spans corporate, tax, and labor law, with a particular emphasis on tax offenses within criminal law. I possess proficiency in business valuation, project finance, and asset management. Additionally, I have gained valuable experience in legal arbitration and professional mediation.

Gabriele Segamonti


Civil law, Litigation, Administrative law

I am a young lawyer primarily focused on civil law, litigation, and administrative law. My main areas of expertise involve providing legal assistance in dispute resolution, including litigation and arbitration. I specialize in handling civil cases, contractual disputes, and administrative procedures. My dedication lies in protecting my clients’ rights and achieving favorable outcomes. I am committed to delivering efficient and effective legal representation.

Francesco Mazza


Real estate law, Contract law, Family law

I earned my Law Degree from the University of Pisa in 2016 and passed my bar exam in 2018. Since then I have gained extensive experience in various legal areas, especially real estate law, contract law, data protection, succession law, and family law.

Filippo Garuglieri


Real Estate, Renovation, Property Law

I am an Italian architect based on the Tuscan coast. After studying at Università di Firenze, I gained valuable experience in Rotterdam with renowned firms before returning to my hometown in 2020. I primarily focus on residential holiday villas while exploring various aspects of my profession.

Sara Del Corso

Real Estate Advisor

Real Estate

After a law degree I decided to become a real estate agent given her passion for homes and people. I like to play a fundamental role in the sale, trying to make this process calm, linear and transparent for all parties. Empathy, friendliness and transparency are the characteristics that distinguish it

Sandro Bertacca

Financial advisor

Finance, Business Administration, Accounting

I hold degrees in business administration and professional consultancy for business companies from the universities of Florence and Pisa. Since 2011, I have assisted companies from start-up to core business development, focusing on management control and balance sheet analysis. With specialization in tax law consultancy, I provide prompt and accurate solutions to client issues.

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