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ILF (Italy Law Firms) Staff is a complete mix of professionals with a broad experience in assisting no resident clients (both individuals and companies) that need legal and business assistance in dealing with projects in Italy.

ILF (Italy Law Firms) Staff includes Italian lawyers, attorneys, accountants, surveyors and Notaries English speaking ready to assist foreign clients in Real Estate Transactions, Corporate Merger and Acquisition, VISA obtainment, establishing a company in Italy and many other issues.


Avv. Michele Ambrogio
Managing Partner
Curriculum Vitae


Avv. Riccardo Gaetani
Senior Partner


Avv. Laura Innocenti
Senior Partner


Commercialista Sandro Iozzia


Barbara Giabbani


  1. wants to travel to itally but its to hard so i need help

    • Italy Law Firms Staff says:

      Ciao and thank you for your comment.
      To relocate to Italy you need to obtain a regular VISA; there are many types of VISA you can apply for; please send us an email to info@italylawfirms.com and one of our Italian attorneys fluent in English will reply to you soon.

  2. Hafza Ammara says:

    Hi, I came to Pakistan on 6th December on 2nd recivuta of permesso di sojorno. Due to current pandemic situation I couldn’t go back to Italy on my returning dates. As I’m pregnant and want to come back to my husband in Italy. No direct flights are available for Italy. Can I get the document of permission of landing to Paris and manage my way to Italy through drive. Please assist me in this matter. After this month it would be difficult for me to travel. Kindly reply

    • Italy Law Firms Staff says:

      Ciao Hafza,
      many thanks for your message and we are sorry about your situation.
      If you want to have more details on the matter, please send us an email at info@italylawfirms.com

  3. ximena lau says:

    Hola soy de Peru me gustaria su ayud para poder laborar en italia

  4. Fg says:

    I want to immigrate to Italy and I need a firm to help me , what should I do?

  5. Wardah says:

    i would like to ask about work permit visa, how can i get. i want to come there for work….but still i don’t have visa. As i am residing in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah. I am working here in a hospital as a Management of Information Officer & Medical Coder. I am holding two positions. please guide me . what is easy for me.




    I am looking for italy residence permit card

    Please guide me the whole process and the time line


  7. Sayful hasan says:

    Dear sir, i am coming from Bangladesh. I am coming in Czech republic with work permit visa. I have 2 years long term recident card ( TRP). So I want to know about work permission in Italy. Is it possible? If it’s possible so but how to work.

  8. Carrie Ding says:

    Dear Sir/madam,

    We are a CPA firm located in Hong Kong. We have a client in Asia who need to open a Italy SRL, and at the same time we are looking for Italy company (SRL) registration agent as our service supplier to meet our clients’ needs. So we would appreciate it if you could provide us the quotation for registration of Italy SRL, including registration fee, SRL VAT Registration fee, Annual renewal fee, accounting fee, audit and tax filing fee, etc. In addition, please also let us have a good understanding of the detailed registration procedures.

    We look forward to your kind reply and hope we can develop a pleasant long-term relationship in our company registration business.

    Best regards
    Carrie Ding
    Kaizen CPA Limited

  9. Victor Jose Gregorio Calo says:

    Quisiera saber si ustedes hacen todos trámites paea solicitar la ciudadanía de ni esposa? Yo soy italiano estamos casados en el comune di molfetta, ell tiene el permiso de sogiorno para ahora vivimos en Manchester Uk.

  10. Vitantonio Lippolis says:

    Vi scrivo poiché sarei interessato a sottoporre alla vostra attenzione il mio CV qualora ci fossero delle posizioni aperte presso il vostro studio a partire dal prossimo giugno o luglio. Al momento sto completando un master in diritto internazionale pubblico presso l’università di Leiden. Qualora foste interessati Vi prego di fornirmi un indirizzo di posta elettronica presso il quale inviare il CV.
    Grazie in anticipo. Cordiali saluti. Vitantonio Lippolis

    • Michele Ambrogio says:

      Caro Vitantonio,
      la ringraziamo per la sua proposta.
      Al momento il nostro staff è al completo ma nel caso si liberasse una posizione non esiteremo a contattarla.

  11. Charles E Giarratana says:

    I was recently granted my Italian citizenship through jus sanguinis and will soon have my passport. My wife and I plan a move to Europe in the next 4-5 years and would like information about how to buy property there now, as a citizen of Italy and the EU, for use as a rental property until we move there. I am a 58 y/o physician who might like to try to obtain part-time work there, as well. I have a few questions about how to plan for such a move (paperwork, medical card, ID card, tax info, etc.) and would like to speak to someone.

    • Michele Ambrogio says:

      Dear Charles,
      you can (of course) purchase a property in Italy and then taking up your residency. Once you have obtained teh residency yu can apply for having all what an Italian resident has the right to have.
      Please write us for further details.

  12. SD KUMAR says:

    Hi I’m married to German national since seven years. I am Indian national working in Middle East. We would like to buy joint name property in Italy and eventually retire in Italy. I do not have EU residency, I get two years EU multiplayer entry visa from German embassy here. Can I open bank account in Italy and buy property in joint name? Can I get Italian residency without actually living in Italy?
    Appreciate your help and insight.
    Thanking you

  13. Deborah R Gall says:

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I was involved in a very minor traffic incident last summer while visiting Italy. I was fined that day, and immediately paid the fine. Since that time, I have received two additional fines by mail. I paid the first, but am wondering whether it is best to continue to pay additional fines, and am beginning to fear a very frivolous civil suit may be lurking in my future. Would seek advice on how best to proceed and how to prepare myself for the possibility of a civil suit.

    Please contact me to proceed.

    Best Regards, Rebecca Gall

    • Michele Ambrogio says:

      Dear Deborah
      to be able to give you the correct advice you should please send us a copy of the fines.

  14. Randall Creech says:

    My family owns some property on Favignana. A neighbor has asked for permission to install a utility line across our property to his. What is the liability to us for doing this? Also he has suggested under Italian law he has the right to do this with or without our permission…True?
    Finally the reason we are sensitive is that we just learned that about 15 years ago a neighbor built her home on our property purportedly by mistake and we are feeling that the locals are taking advantage of the stupid and absent Americans. Any comments would be appreciated. I am an American (California) attorney but I understand that Italian law comes from a different source than the type of law I am familiar with.

  15. Gary Mulgrew says:

    Can I arrange a meeting to discuss applying for residency. I am self employed and a EU citizen…but from the UK and wish to apply before Article 50 is invoked..

  16. Ahmed Zaidan says:


    What is your office number to call and arrange for an appointment?

  17. I need your assistance please tell me what I can do? on my application situation, relocating permanently to Italy as Asylum or any available aid that suits me as your clients, urgent approval and grant, help me, I can’t sleep due to my situation which Iam facing over a decade now, depression, torture, killing/blood shed of my tribe daily, crisis , Hunger and injustice against the poor and insecurity all from my government, Nigeria. Many has fley to other countries in the world for Asylum/Refugee, all this keep me crying every day. Please I need a solution for a better Living life style with a country of my feature Italy . Please sir/ma, help me and save my life and family,generation. Am the founder of ABNFAN little agribusinesses organization. I we be grateful to hear your wonderful and prompt response.

  18. Alida Bowden says:

    Dear Sir/Madam:
    I’m a retired American citizen. I’m 66 years of age, and I’m divorced. My goal is to spend my retirement years in Italy if possible. I have a friend in Milan who owns a few apartments. This person has offered to let me stay in one of the small apartments free of charge perhaps indefinitely. I hope to use the apartment as my residence and also use it as my art studio. What is the rule and policy on how much money a retired senior citizen needs to have per month or per year in order to stay in Italy as a permanent resident? Do I need to have a sponsor? What is the policy on Non-EU retired persons residing in Italy?
    Best Regards,

    • michele-admin says:

      Ciao Alida,
      The requirements you do need to meet with depend on what Italian Consulate is competent to accept your application.
      Please write me to m.ambrogio@italylawfirms.com and give me more details.
      Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  19. Michele says:

    Dear Mike

    Elective Residency VISA allows to apply (with the same application) also for wife/husband when the financial capacity of the applicant is deemed sufficient to support the spouse.
    If you need a more accurate consultancy please send me an email to m.ambrogio@italylawfirms.com

  20. Usman Humayun says:

    I have been doing my business in the UAE since the past 3 odd years in the Airport equipment trading business where we assist governments in procuring right interior fit outs for their airports. My company has been actively working with Italian companies since the past 25 years from Pakistan. Due my comfort with Italy as a country I would like to move my trading business to Italy so that I can settle there and operate my business easily.

    Can you please help me in obtaining an appropriate visa. My only dependent is my wife who I would be taking along with me. She is a banker in the UAE and wishes to persue a job in Italy when we immigrate there.

    • Michele says:

      Dear Usman

      we would be glad to assist you in setting up your business here in Italy.
      In order to provide you with an accurate opinion, we would need you to give us more details (such as your nationality, the volume of business you think to have, a detailed explanation of your activity and others).
      You can send me an email to m.ambrogio@italylawfirms.com

  21. Danijela Matic says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    My name is Danijela Matic and I am representative of one Croatian construction company and we are planning to do one construction in Italy.
    I have few questions about Italian law regarding foreign companies.
    On Monday I will come in Malmantile- Lastra a Signa (Fl) and I would like if we can arrange meeting in next few days.
    Please feel free to contact me on my email or tel. +385915336177
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    Kind regards
    Danijela Matic

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