At ILF Law Firm, we understand that the challenges of today’s legal landscape transcend borders. Our network of international legal partners serves as a foundation for united expertise, fostering a deeper understanding of global legal intricacies. Partnering with esteemed international legal organizations empowers us to seamlessly navigate the complexities of cross-border matters. We provide clients with a comprehensive understanding of diverse legal systems, cultures, and regulations, ensuring smooth processes and effective outcomes.Our network affords us a valuable asset – cultural awareness. With partners rooted in different regions, we gain local insights that go beyond legal codes. This cultural sensitivity enhances our ability to provide nuanced guidance and achieve a deeper level of client satisfaction. Together with our partners, we are not just shaping the present – we are pioneering the future of global legal practice. We embrace technological advancements, anticipate trends, and collectively position ourselves as thought leaders in an ever-evolving legal landscape.


IRECOM offers trustworthy support and far-reaching assistance in the fields of residential and commercial property finding, legal, administrative and fiscal consultancies, property renovation, and management services.

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Italian Citizenship by Descent for Italian-Americans – Live, Work, and Retire in Italy or EU Country – Free Eligibility Screening.

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Apartments in Florence

High standard Florence-based online real estate agency specialized in mid-term home and apartment rentals in Florence city center and the Tuscan countryside. It caters to all kinds of international travelers, professionals traveling on business, families and couples.

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The ultimate platform for international students. Specialized in online rental brokerage services throughout the whole of Italy, specifically mid-term rentals for students, it also features in-depth city guides, and a dedicated blog.

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Architects in Italy

Leading Italian architectural firm specialized in providing foreign investors and companies with turnkey renovations, restoration and customized building projects tailored to the unique characteristics of their real estate asset.

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Florence House

A real estate consulting and management company that provides foreign investors and entrepreneurs with assistance and support in sourcing the perfect asset in Florence. It specializes in high-quality properties, historical mansions and luxury estates.

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Gruppo CO.

Marketing and communication company specialized in providing companies with customized digital marketing solutions, creative tailor-made strategies and innovative approaches especially devised to meet each client’s unique targets.

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