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Most wanted jobs in Milan, Italy


Although Rome holds the prestigious title of political and nominal capital, Milan reigns as the economic powerhouse of the Bel Paese. Nestled within the streets and offices of Piazza Affari resides the vibrant core of the national economy, where the Italian financial engine thrives. For many Italian and foreign students and professionals, arriving in Milan symbolizes the realization of a long-held aspiration. The city is home to renowned corporate entities and provides notably higher average salary levels compared to the national average.

The capital of Lombardy is not only a nerve center for fields like finance but also a genuine magnet for talent and investments. Numerous multinational companies have chosen Milan as their Italian headquarters, including giants in the banking, insurance, and fashion sectors. Milan represents the economic hub of Italy, a place where ambition and talent find fertile ground to flourish. It is a city that, in addition to work, offers an excellent quality of life and a unique cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Jobs in Milan, Italy: list of most wanted and requested jobs

The job market in Milan is undergoing a rapid transformation, foreshadowing what will happen in the rest of Italy. While financial professions once dominated the scene, today the spotlight is on forward-thinking professionals who can seamlessly adapt to the revolution brought by the advent of Artificial Intelligence.

The future of work in Milan appears bright and full of opportunities for those who are ready to embrace innovation. To stay ahead of the game, it is crucial to invest in continuous education, acquiring digital and specialized skills in high-growth sectors.

According to data collected by Indeed for 2023, the sectors with the highest demand for workforce are as follows:

  • Engineering – Civil, mechanical, computer, and electronic engineering are at the forefront.
  • Information Technology – Especially software developers, software engineers, data scientists, and IT analysts.
  • Finance – There is a high demand for roles such as financial analysts, financial consultants, traders, and fund managers.
  • Management – A cross-sector field that seeks professionals like project managers, business analysts, operations managers, and HR managers.
  • Marketing – With a focus on roles like marketing managers, digital marketing managers, social media managers, and copywriters.
  • Sales – Key roles include sales representatives, sales consultants, account managers, and sales managers.
  • Tourism – Like any respectable Italian destination, tourism-related roles such as tour guides, receptionists, waitstaff, and hoteliers are essential.
  • Healthcare – Particularly after COVID-19, there is still a great demand for various healthcare professionals, such as nurses, both in hospitals and private clinics.
  • Human Resources – The most sought-after jobs are HR managers, recruiters, talent acquisition managers, and HR specialists.
Most paid jobs in milan

Most paid jobs in Milan, Italy

Evaluating the monthly compensation is essential for making an informed decision. It not only helps understand if the offer aligns with the work performed but also allows for creating a realistic personal budget. In Milan, with skyrocketing rent prices, assessing salary becomes even more critical. Knowing one’s monthly earnings enables planning expenses and determining if it’s possible to invest in purchasing a home.
Indeed, buying a property is seen by many as a strategy to counter the impact of high rents by spreading the cost over time through a mortgage.

If you want to gather more information about the real estate market in Milan and the landscape of Milanese mortgages, you can simply read our dedicated guides.

Before proceeding to discuss the highest-paying jobs in Milan, it is important to make a clarification:

What is the Annual Gross Salary (RAL)?

The Annual Gross Salary (RAL) is the total amount of compensation and allowances that a worker receives in a year before tax deductions and social security contributions. It includes not only the base salary but also any bonuses, overtime pay, allowances, and other financial benefits related to the job. Essentially, it represents the overall annual compensation of an employee before tax deductions and taxes are applied.

Now, regarding the highest-paying jobs in Italy, you can find below a list of jobs with the best salaries in the country:

We can observe that the top position is occupied by an important profession such as that of a notary, followed by doctors and commercial airline pilots.

Jobs in Milan for english speakers 

If you are a native English speaker and dream of a new professional adventure, Milan could be your next destination. Characterized by a cosmopolitan atmosphere and a high quality of life, Milan is an attractive hub for talents from around the world, particularly for English-speaking professionals. The city is home to numerous multinational companies from English-speaking countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom, offering a dynamic and multicultural work environment.

It is not uncommon to come across offices where English is the primary language of communication, given the international business ties of the companies present. This scenario presents a unique opportunity for native English speakers to leverage their language skills and integrate into a stimulating and global work environment.

Indeed, many companies have chosen Milan as their Italian headquarters, and among these companies, we find reputable names such as:

  • HSBC
  • Amazon
  • Huawei
  • Astrazeneca
  • Whirlpool
  • Puma
  • Metro
  • Helvetia
  • Reckitt

These are just a few of the most important companies that have a presence in Milan, but the list could go on even further.

How to get a job in Italy as an american

If you are coming from the United States or other countries outside the European Union and are interested in working in Italy, there are several steps that you should consider following.

Create a Curriculum Vitae

This is certainly the first step, creating a document that not only showcases your education and work experience but also communicates all the skills you have acquired over time, making you more attractive to employers. There are various formats available to create a comprehensive and appealing Curriculum Vitae, depending on which aspects of your experience and skills you want to highlight to potential employers. If you need examples, you can explore the "Create your CV" section on Canva, where you can find inspiration from hundreds of different CV templates.

Register on job placement platforms

It is crucial to have a well-maintained LinkedIn account that truly represents you as a person before a worker, where you can talk about your hobbies and passions. LinkedIn is a highly important platform for professionals, allowing you not only to establish yourself as a professional but also to network. In this social platform, you can connect with numerous professionals in your field of expertise, exchanging thoughts and ideas that can contribute to your personal and professional growth.


This involves building relationships with professionals and headhunters, expanding your network and making yourself known as a result. Try not to rely solely on social platforms like LinkedIn, as mentioned earlier. Instead, attend meetings, participate in online conferences, and make an effort to personally connect with professionals during these events.

Be proactive

This means actively searching for jobs, sending out your curriculum vitae and cover letters, approaching companies directly, and demonstrating motivation. Every brand desires and appreciates personnel who are highly motivated to achieve their personal and brand's goals and objectives.

Being advantaged by your native English language is an excellent starting point, but there is much more needed to enter a highly competitive job market like Milan's.