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Are you captivated by the beauty of Italy, renowned worldwide as the “Bel Paese” (The Beautiful Country)? Do you have Italian ancestry and aspire to acquire Italian citizenship? Italy Law Firm Milan is here to provide you with assistance.

Obtaining Italian citizenship is a complex and lengthy process, which is why it is advisable to have the support of our team of experienced immigration and Italian citizenship lawyers. Located in Milan, Italy’s foremost city, our professionals offer personalized attention, addressing any challenges you may encounter.

When we refer to “Cittadinanza” (Italian citizenship), we are discussing an individual’s legal status within the entire Italian legal system, entitling them to rights and responsibilities towards Italy. The relevant legislation governing this status is established by Law No. 91 of February 5, 1992, which remains unchanged in the Italian legal system. By acquiring Italian citizenship, you will enjoy all the rights and responsibilities of any Italian citizen, including the right to vote and run for office. Furthermore, you will have access to various excellent services available across Italy, such as healthcare, streamlined access to schools, visa-free travel within the Schengen Area, and much more.

Where in Italy do most people obtain citizenship?

In 2021, a statistic revealed that the highest number of approved citizenship applications is located in Lombardy, the region whose capital is Milan. Lombardy, in fact, granted 29,438 requests, accounting for 24% of the total in Italy, thus becoming the region where citizenship applications are most frequently approved. Lombardy has consistently held the top position in this ranking for several years, primarily due to the high number of foreigners relocating for study or work to major cities, such as Milan.Following in the ranking is Emilia-Romagna with 16,432, Veneto with 13,229, Piedmont with 11,653, and Tuscany with 9,682. Just outside the top ranks is Lazio, the region with the Italian capital, Rome, which, despite a strong foreign community, approved only 8,895 requests for Italian citizenship there.

Italy Law Firm can help you with your Italian Citizenship

With our all-encompassing legal assistance service, acquiring Italian citizenship has never been more streamlined. Our team of immigration and Italian citizenship experts will offer comprehensive support to ensure a successful citizenship application in the shortest timeframe possible. Italy Law Firm Milan is specialized in guiding foreign clients through the process of obtaining Italian citizenship. Our knowledgeable lawyers will collect all the required documents on your behalf, managing the translation and legalization procedures. We will diligently prepare and submit the petition for recognition as an Italian citizen to the appropriate court and handle the application for your passport through the Consulate.

Jure Sanguinis: Claim your Italian citizenship by descent with Italy Law Firm Milan

If you desire to acquire Italian citizenship, one possible avenue is through the right of descent, called Jure Sanguinis. To do so, it is essential to trace your lineage either through your father's or mother's side (only if you were born after January 1, 1948) and submit the application to the Italian consulate or embassy in your country of residence. If you are a resident in Italy, the application should be submitted at your local municipality, known as the "Comune".

To navigate this type of application successfully, it is advisable to seek guidance from a legal advisor who can assist you in understanding the intricate bureaucratic process and provide support or conduct the necessary research on your behalf.

  • Ancestor's Descendance
  • That your ancestor passed away after March 17, 1861, and never renounced their Italian citizenship until the birth of his/her child.
  • That there has been no renunciation of Italian citizenship along the line of succession, thus interrupting the chain of transmission.

Once thorough research has been conducted and we have determined that it is feasible to proceed with the application for Italian citizenship by descent, the process can be relatively straightforward if your grandfather, grandmother, great-grandfather, or great-grandmother was an Italian citizen. However, it can become more challenging if we need to trace back four or five generations. Italy Law Firm Milan is ready to assist you in this lineage reconstruction by investigating along the ancestral line and uncovering the birth, marriage, and death records of your Italian ancestors. Often, such documents can be found in the Civil Registry Office of the municipality where your ancestor was born or resided. Nevertheless, to proceed with the application, it is crucial to have legal assistance by your side to overcome language barriers and handle the translation and interpretation of the required documents. With our support at every step of the application process, you can obtain Italian citizenship and passports efficiently and seamlessly.

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How do you apply for Italian citizenship?

The bureaucratic process for submitting your application for Italian citizenship can be a challenging journey with various potential obstacles. To submit such an application, you must possess a series of certificates issued by the competent authorities and Italian consulates. These certificates are required to demonstrate that no one in your bloodline has ever renounced Italian citizenship. You must also have any naturalization (or failed naturalization) documents of your ancestor issued by the competent authority in a territory other than Italy.

The presence of a competent bilingual legal professional is necessary because, in addition to receiving and submitting these documents, they must also be translated into Italian and apostilled. Moreover, such general provisions are subject to constant changes and modifications. To prevent failures in your Italian citizenship application, ILF Milan will always stay updated with the latest regulatory provisions, ensuring the collection of necessary documents and their submission in the required manner.

To know all the instructions for submitting the Italian citizenship application, please check our dedicated page.

What are the advantages of obtaining Italian citizenship? 

Obtaining Italian citizenship isn't a simple process, given the limited options provided by the Italian law for submitting such requests. However, meeting the earlier mentioned requirements opens up several advantages tied to the Italian welfare system. These benefits encompass access to high-quality public services like public schools, excellent and affordable public healthcare, and the freedom to travel within Schengen Area countries.Moreover, you'll have the chance to live in an apartment situated in Milan, immersing yourself in the thriving Italian “Dolce Vita”. Italy Law Firm Milan can support you not only with all the procedures associated with securing Italian citizenship but also with the selection of a residence in your preferred Milanese neighborhood, courtesy of our team of proficient real estate lawyers. In this scenario as well, you'll receive top-tier legal assistance from Italy Law Firm Milan, with the sole objective of advancing your interests, offering guidance on optimal deals, and preparing all necessary documents for property acquisitions or rentals.

Italian Dual Citizenship: is it possible?

One of the questions that our expert lawyers at Italy Law Firm Milan are frequently asked is: If I obtain Italian citizenship, do I lose my current citizenship? The answer is No. Obtaining Italian citizenship does not simultaneously require renouncing one's current citizenship. Italian law allows for the retention of dual citizenship. This is also the case in many other countries around the world, such as the United States. This is specified in Law No. 91 of 1992, which explicitly states that individuals are allowed to maintain both citizenships simultaneously.

Italy Law Firm Milan: your legal team to obtain your American-Italian citizenship

One of the most vibrant and significant Italian communities worldwide is currently residing in the United States. These individuals are American citizens by nationality but also have Italian ancestry through Jure Sanguinis, as their ancestors originated from Italy.

This significant wave of emigration, known as the Italian Diaspora, occurred around 1880. Thousands of Italians embarked on journeys to the Americas in search of improved living conditions, escaping the poverty they endured. The diaspora continued, albeit at a slower pace, over the following century.

According to the Italian Embassy in Washington, the current estimate of Americans with Italian descent stands at 17.3 million. However, prominent Italian-American organizations in the United States, such as the Order Sons and Daughters of Italy in America (OSIA) and the National Italian American Foundation (NIAF), assert that the number is at least 25 million.
If you are interested in acquiring Italian citizenship through direct lineage, ILF Milan can provide assistance with the application process. Pursuing this request also presents a unique opportunity to explore your family's history. By choosing the municipality to submit your application, you can seize the chance to visit Milan, combining a leisurely family visit with the exploration of advantageous business opportunities in the real estate and investment sectors.