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Latest Bank of England rate rise: time to leave the UK or invest in Italy?


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UK interest rate forecast for next 5 years

As interest rates inched upwards again again, is now a good time to think more seriously about buying property abroad or even relocating to Italy?

You may notice a few more videos and articles in general online recently about topics such as: “moving to Italy: we can longer afford to stay in the UK” or “which country should we move to now that the UK is too expensive?”.

It is no surprise as the cost of living soars and not just your dreams become unreachable, but also daily living costs become a real strain for your family.

So, lets start by answering a few FAQs that we get from our customers on a regular basis.



As a Brit, can I get a mortgage in Italy? 

Yes you can. We provide more info on our website here. 


What are the real differences between living in Italy and the UK in terms of costs and quality of life? 

There are many differences, however, the most important ones are that properties are still affordable, food and utilities are much less expensive and it becomes much easier to holiday locally because Italy has so much to offer (Living in Milan? Go skiing for the day in winter and go to the sea in summer. The mountains, the Lakes and the sea are all less than a 1.5 hour drive away.)


Do I need a visa to live in Italy as a Brit?

After the UK left the European Union (2020 Brexit), UK citizens require a visa to live in Italy for more than 90 days within 180 days. Now the regulations and tight treaties between the two countries with respect to entry, stay for tourism, educational, business or work purposes apply.  As a UK citizen you can rely on those types of VISA:

Not-needed Visa for Short-term stays (up to 90 days within 180 days)

You can travel to Italy and other Schengen Area countries for short-term stays without a visa. This includes tourism, family visits, and business trips. However, you cannot work or live in Italy during this time.


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People in old town Lucca – San Michele


VISA for Long-term stays (more than 90 days)

For stays longer than 90 days, UK citizens need to obtain a visa. Some options include:


  • Work visa: If you have a job offer in Italy, you can apply for a work visa. Your employer will need to secure a work permit (Nulla Osta) on your behalf. Requirements and processing times depend on the type of work and your qualifications.


  • Student visa: If you are accepted into an Italian educational institution, you can apply for a student visa. You will need to provide proof of enrollment and sufficient financial resources to support yourself during your stay.


  • Self-employment visa: If you plan to work as a freelancer or start a business in Italy, you can apply for a self-employment visa. You will need to provide a detailed business plan, proof of financial resources, and any necessary permits or licenses.


  • Family reunification visa: If you have a spouse, partner, or close family member who is an Italian citizen or a legal resident in Italy, you can apply for a family reunification visa. You will need to provide proof of your relationship and evidence that your family member can support you financially.


  • Elective residence visa: If you have sufficient financial resources and do not plan to work in Italy, you can apply for an elective residence visa. This is commonly used by retirees and individuals who want to live in Italy without working.


Italian citizenship

You may be eligible for Italian citizenship through descent (jure sanguinis) if you have Italian ancestors. This involves proving your direct lineage to an Italian citizen, usually through birth and marriage certificates. Alternatively, other pathways to Italian citizenship include naturalization after a certain period of legal residency or marriage to an Italian citizen.

There is a further option called ‘The Golden Visa’ – it applies to English people who want to open a business or invest large amounts of money in Italy.


Contact ItalyLawFirms now and get detailed and up-to-date advice about your relocation plan!


Is it complicated to relocate and settle in Italy?

Here are 5 important tips you need to know about relocating in Italy:


  • The average English level in Italy is rising up

Every country has its pros and cons and in Italy it is true that English is not spoken everywhere. Therefore, it really is better if you have a willingness to learn the basics of the Italian language. In the past few years however, English has become much more important for Italians (as they do more and more business internationally) and therefore you will find a willingness for people to practice their English with you! 


  • Understand the Cost of Living

Research the cost of living in various Italian cities or regions to determine which one suits your budget and lifestyle. Consider factors such as housing, transportation, healthcare, and daily expenses. This will help you plan your finances accordingly.


  • Embrace the Culture to get the best of your life in Italy

Italy has a rich cultural heritage, and immersing yourself in the local traditions and customs can greatly enhance your experience. Learn about Italian cuisine, art, history, and regional specialties. Engaging with the local community can help you make connections and feel more at home.


  • Seek Professional Advice

As far as relocating is concerned, you’ll need help to save time and money. ILF can help with this, from getting you your fiscal code, which you need to do almost everything here in Italy and finding a home, to opening a bank account and setting up utilities. Some members of our team are Brits and we understand very well what your worries might be and how we can reduce or remove any stress involved in a move. Make sure to fulfill any legal and administrative requirements, such as obtaining a tax code (codice fiscale), registering your residency (if applicable), and familiarizing yourself with the local healthcare system.


  • Experience the best

Moving to a new country is an exciting and transformative experience. Embrace the adventure, stay open-minded, and be prepared for cultural differences and challenges along the way. Approach your relocation with a positive attitude and a willingness to adapt to the Italian way of life.


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Wonderful view in Manarola Cinque Terre






What are mortgage interest rates in Italy and do I pay more as a foreigner? 

You do not pay a higher interest rate as a foreigner and when you think that according to, the average UK two-year fixed residential mortgage rate on Thursday morning was 6.19%, while the average five-year fixed-rate mortgage was 5.82%, in Italy mortgage interest rates are usually fixed for the whole term of the mortgage and are still lower than both these numbers, it makes Italy an even more attractive prospect. 


It’s all about the view! 

I don’t know about you, but waking up to a beautiful view can really change our mood for the day.

Looking for something unique and beautiful?

Why not choose an original Trullo near Ostuni? 

relocating in italy buy house puglia trullo


Or maybe you have 3 million to spend? Buy this gorgeous villa recently transformed into a luxury farmhouse for sale in the Chianti region. Can you feel the gentle breeze in this regal garden? 


Remember, while I strive to provide helpful advice, it’s important to verify any information and consult official sources or professionals to ensure accuracy and compliance with current regulations. 


The cost of living in Italy is not uniform, nor does it follow precise rules geographically. Would you like some examples? In the north there are very rich regions, such as Piedmont, or Trentino, where buying a house, or opening a business, costs significantly less than in Lombardy or Veneto.


Central Italy, on the other hand, is a treasure chest: if you want to invest near Florence, you will have to spend a little more (but you will also get a good ROI), but if you look at areas such as Arezzo, Umbria, the Marche, the matter changes.

If you are a digital nomad, please read this article.

Good luck with your relocation to Italy!