General Information about the Real Estate Market in Rome, Italy

Welcome to the vibrant heart of Rome’s real estate market, where the ancient history of Italy’s capital intertwines with modern investment opportunities. Italy Law Firm Rome positions itself as your strategic ally for any investments, purchases, and sales of properties in Rome. Our goal is to provide decisive support to those looking to invest in the “Eternal City“. With our years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the Roman real estate market, we can guide you through the complex Italian legal bureaucracy, helping you distinguish between lucrative and less promising deals.

Rome is not only a living monument to past greatness but also renowned for its dynamic real estate scene, which currently offers advantageous prices for interested buyers. As of today, the average sale prices for properties hover just above €3,000 per square meter, although these prices vary depending on the area. The prestigious Piazza di Spagna and its surroundings are the most expensive, with values approaching €13,000 per square meter for renovated properties. If you are seeking more affordable investment opportunities in areas with a strong tourism influx (all the city counts for a number around 25 million tourists annually), neighborhoods like Testaccio, Trastevere, and Borgo Pio offer properties in the price range of €5,000 to €7,000 per square meter.

What are the average prices for an apartment in Rome, Italy?

The collected data indicate a slight but steady increase in prices, reaching an average of €3,008 per square meter, with prospects for further positive developments. It is also important to consider the economic context of the city. In 2022, the Services sector dominated economic activity in Rome, accounting for 53.50% of the total. This sector’s significance in the city (and throughout Italy) contributes to the stability of the real estate market, thanks to the continuous demand for rental and purchase properties. Our attorney in Rome is prepared to assist you in all processes related to purchasing real estate. Not only as legal consultants but also as experienced advisors, we can provide targeted strategies, such as investing in apartments within 2 to 3 kilometers from the Historical Center, preferably in buildings from the “Umbertino” period, to ensure a successful investment and navigate the Roman real estate market with confidence.

Buying a residential house in Rome with Italy Law Firm

Exploring the residential apartment market in Rome is an exciting journey that combines history with investment prospects. Recent data from expert portals in the field reveal a promising landscape, positioning Rome as the fourth most desirable European city. With a projected growth of 15.4% over the next five years, 2024 appears to be an opportune moment to invest in Roman real estate.

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Which are the best areas in Rome to buy a house?

Areas where investments could be particularly advantageous are those with prestigious and/or historic buildings located in the city center or well-connected residential areas like Garbatella. The data also confirm a growing interest in areas beyond the historical center. Neighborhoods such as Infernetto (Ostia), Maglianella, Castelverde, Prati, Parioli, and Balduina show promising growth prospects in square meter prices for 2024 and the years ahead. These findings reflect the dual dynamics of the Roman real estate market, with a trend towards seeking greener environments and homes outside the center, as observed in Ostia and Maglianella, as well as the continued appeal of traditional luxurious residential areas like Prati and Parioli. A detailed understanding of the distinctive features of various neighborhoods becomes crucial for those wishing to purchase property in Rome.

For individuals seeking high-profile apartments or homes in historic buildings, ILF Rome recommends focusing on the city center, particularly the FlaminioPonte MilvioBelle Arti area or the PratiFrancia neighborhoods. Alternatively, families looking for more affordable opportunities may find the San GiovanniRoma Est area appealing, while the Villa AdaMonte Sacro neighborhoods present interesting investment opportunities with decreasing prices. Additionally, the Monteverde and Aurelio neighborhoods, known for their well-maintained variety of apartments, offer attractive perspectives, especially due to the presence of the John Cabot University campus. Investing in the Roman residential market can hold unexpected surprises, particularly for non-experts. However, with Italy Law Firm Rome, you can approach every investment with tranquility and the assurance of years of expertise.

Can Foreigners buy property in Rome?

Yes, Italian law allows it, and if you need to understand how to do it and want legal assistance in applying for a mortgage, you can find information by reading the dedicated page on the services offered by Italy Law Firm Rome.

Buy apartments in Rome: the best long-term investment in the “Città Eterna”

The capital city of Rome, renowned for its rich historical and cultural heritage, presents an excellent opportunity for long-term investments, as housing prices have exhibited a slight growth trend since 2016. Looking ahead, the prospects for the period from 2024 to 2026 are highly encouraging, with over 40,000 real estate transactions expected in 2024 alone. Upon closer examination, average house prices in the heart of Rome reach €9,150 per square meter, indicating significant potential for future growth. The suburbs, after facing challenges in 2020, are now showing signs of recovery that augur well for the next three years.

Having the expertise of Italy Law Firm Rome as your guide throughout this journey is paramount to ensure secure and well-informed transactions, and to find the best apartment for sale in Rome. The recent price stability in the city center, combined with promising growth prospects, positions Rome as one of the most attractive long-term investment destinations in Europe. With projected growth exceeding 19.3% over the next five years, the capital city ranks second only to Paris among the analyzed European capitals.

The comprehensive information and in-depth analysis provided by the professionals at Italy Law Firm Rome offer invaluable guidance for navigating the complex real estate landscape of Rome. Prepare yourself to seize the opportunities that the "Eternal City" presents in the realm of real estate, where history converges with future investment, opening doors to lasting growth prospects.

If you are interested in expanding your investments in the city of Rome, we invite you to explore our dedicated page, and discover more opportunities. 

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Luxury Real Estate for sale in Rome is a great investment for your portfolio

Immerse yourself in the timeless elegance of luxury villas and real estate in Rome—a choice that goes beyond mere home ownership; it's an investment in the cultural heritage of one of the most enchanting cities in the world. Italy Law Firm Rome is here to guide you, offering exceptional legal services to ensure a seamless transition to the property of your dreams.

Rome is rapidly emerging as a preferred destination in the post-pandemic period: according to reputable sources like Bloomberg, it has experienced an impressive 31.4% increase in the volume of high-end residential sales compared to 2020. The relatively affordable prices, coupled with the captivating charm of the Italian capital, have sparked significant interest among buyers, particularly in sought-after areas like Trastevere and Parioli. The average price of a luxury residence in these neighborhoods is approximately €6,000 per square meter, making it an irresistible opportunity compared to cities like Milan.

However, the allure of Rome extends beyond its prestigious properties; it is a vibrant stage for events and celebrations, making it a magnet for tourists seeking short-term rentals. The city is gearing up to host the Catholic Jubilee in 2025 and is a candidate for the World Expo in 2030, creating an atmosphere of exciting activity that promises to enhance the value of luxury homes over time. Italy Law Firm Rome stands by your side to navigate bureaucratic challenges, providing assistance in the complex process of identifying buildings and their histories, a crucial legal requirement in real estate purchases.

Italy Law Firm can help you to buy luxury condos in Rome, Italy

Although the process may initially seem daunting, our team of legal experts is committed to simplifying each stage, ensuring reliable legal advice and a comprehensive understanding of the Roman real estate market. Despite the various challenges, the prospect of a national government focused on urban redevelopment and infrastructure improvements promises a bright future. Investing in a luxury residence in Rome becomes a thoughtful and secure decision, with Italy Law Firm Rome serving as your trusted partner in realizing this extraordinary real estate dream.

Trust our expert team for legal guideline in the rental real estate market in Rome

Italy Law Firm Rome provides all the necessary legal expertise to navigate the intricate landscape of real estate rentals in the Eternal City. Within the urban context, there is a sense of optimism for the near future, fueled by Italy's recent economic recovery, the anticipation of a Jubilee in 2025, and the potential selection of Rome as the host city for Expo 2030. These factors create a fertile ground for those seeking to invest in rental properties and cater to the estimated influx of around 25 million tourists.

The increasing demand for rental properties in Rome is evident, as reported by reputable sources. During the post-pandemic recovery period between September 2021 and February 2022, there was a 30% surge in demand for rental properties, while the supply decreased by 23%, resulting in a depletion of available rental properties. This decrease in supply occurred amidst global uncertainty caused by the ongoing pandemic and geopolitical conflicts in other parts of the world.

Despite some natural fluctuations, the rental market has experienced a relatively stable period. Currently, the average monthly cost for a three-bedroom house in Rome is €1,068, with prices and rents showing growth in central and near-central areas. As of mid-2021, the average price for purchasing a home in Rome is €9,150 per square meter in the city center, €6,780 in nearby areas, and €3,575 in the outskirts. Although the growth rate is slower compared to some European cities, Rome remains competitive, with a 5.2% increase in center prices over the last five years, and this trend is expected to continue. Therefore, purchasing a property in Rome can be a viable investment through both long and short-term rentals.

In 2022, residential sales in Italy reached a record high of 784,500 transactions, with Rome experiencing significant growth of 22% compared to 2019. Given the substantial investment potential indicated by these figures, the expert team at Italy Law Firm Rome offers tailored legal support to real estate investors, ensuring a secure navigation of this vibrant and ever-evolving market. By having a team of professionals by your side, you can confidently face challenges and capitalize on opportunities in the Rome rental market, with your best interests always prioritized.