Do I need a lawyer in Rome to obtain my Italian citizenship?

When we refer to Italian citizenship, we are discussing an individual’s legal status within the entire Italian legal system. This status is regulated by Law No. 91 of February 5, 1992, which serves as the stable foundation of the Italian legal system.

The process of acquiring Italian citizenship is complex and requires careful management. Italy Law Firm Rome specializes in providing targeted legal advice for foreign citizens who are eager to obtain Italian citizenship and pursue a career path in our country. Our team of legal experts is dedicated to providing comprehensive support and guiding clients through the intricate process of acquiring Italian citizenship. We highly recommend seeking the assistance of our team of experienced lawyers who specialize in immigration and Italian citizenship. Located in Rome, the heart of Italy, our professionals provide personalized service and expertly address the challenges you may encounter throughout the process. We are committed to delivering reliable and goal-oriented service to help our clients achieve their objectives.

By obtaining Italian citizenship with our legal support, you will enjoy all the rights and responsibilities of an Italian citizen, including the right to vote and the opportunity to run for public office. Additionally, you will have access to a wide range of quality services throughout the country, including healthcare, educational benefits, visafree travel within the Schengen area, and more.

As experienced lawyers, we understand the importance of providing competent and professional legal assistance to facilitate the journey of individuals who wish to settle in Rome and contribute to the Italian workforce.

Who’s eligible for Italian Citizenship?

When applying for Italian citizenship, it is important to understand that there are different categories under the current regulations for eligibility. These categories include:

  1. Individuals born in Italy to foreign parents who have legally and continuously resided in the country from birth until the age of 18. They have the possibility to apply for Italian citizenship before their 19th birthday.
  2. Foreign spouses of Italian citizens who have married an Italian citizen and have legally resided in Italy for at least two years. If the couple resides abroad, the citizenship application can be submitted after three years of marriage. The waiting period is reduced by half if they have common children.
  3. Foreign individuals who are direct descendants of an Italian father, mother, or ancestor, provided that the transmission of citizenship has never been interrupted. This category includes individuals who have performed military service for the Italian state, worked in the Italian public service (both abroad and in Italy), and explicitly expressed their intention to acquire Italian citizenship before their 19th birthday. They must also have at least two years of legal residence in Italy by the age of 18.
  4. Minors who are adopted by Italian citizens.
  5. Minor children of those who acquire Italian citizenship, as long as they live with them.
  6. Foreigners who have legally resided in Italy for a certain period and are registered on Italian soil. The required period of legal residence varies depending on the applicant’s circumstances: four years for citizens of EU member states, ten years for non-EU foreigners, and five years for stateless individuals or political refugees.

Why can your application be rejected?

There are situations in which a citizenship application may be rejected by the Ministry due to certain anomalies that hinder approval. Some scenarios in which this could occur include:

  • The presence of a fraudulent or sham marriage.
  • Issues related to continuous residence, such as not meeting the required residency period or not having a valid residence permit.
  • Insufficient income to support oneself or one’s family in the country.
  • Failure to submit the complete and accurate information regarding the total family income.
  • Criminal records or legal issues that require the attention of a criminal defense lawyer.

In such circumstances, it is possible to take legal action by resorting to the court to address these various issues. Our experienced team is well-prepared to guide you through these stages and oversee every phase of the process to ensure accurate and effective legal representation.

Other advantages if you obtain your citizenship in Rome

Acquiring Italian citizenship brings numerous significant advantages that can greatly enhance people’s lives. Upon becoming Italian citizens, individuals gain full access to the National Health Service (SSN). Italy boasts a universal healthcare system that covers medical services, hospital care, specialized consultations, and prescription medications through taxes. This ensures that all Italian citizens have access to essential healthcare services, regardless of their financial circumstances. Additional costs may only apply to specific treatments or medications.

Italian citizenship also grants access to a high-quality education system. This includes publicly funded mandatory schools (kindergarten, primary, middle and high schools). Furthermore, it becomes easier to access private schools and universities, enabling individuals to pursue comprehensive and top-level academic education at reduced rates compared to international students.

As Italian citizens, individuals can avail themselves of various social services provided by the government. These services encompass social assistance programs, welfare initiatives, and support systems for individuals with disabilities or special needs. Italian citizens enjoy the freedom to reside and work in Italy without the need for visas or residence permits. Furthermore, they can travel freely within the Schengen Area, which encompasses most European Union countries, without facing border controls.

If you want to explore more about the Italian citizenship field and obtain more information, please check our dedicated page.

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Self-Employment in need of a Citizenship? Italy Law Firm Rome got you covered

If you are a self-employed professional seeking Italian citizenship to better manage your business and closely monitor your interests and investments in Italy, Italy Law Firm Rome is the ideal legal attorney for you. Acquiring Italian citizenship is not a straightforward process, but if you meet one of the requirements mentioned earlier, obtaining Italian citizenship can bring you numerous advantages related to the Italian welfare system. These advantages include access to high-quality public services such as public schools, excellent low-cost public healthcare, and the ability to travel among Schengen Area countries.

Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to work from an office located in the heart of Rome, the capital of Italy, immersing yourself in the thriving Italian business scene. Italy Law Firm Rome can assist you not only with all the procedures related to obtaining Italian citizenship but also with the selection of a residence and office in your preferred neighborhood in Rome, thanks to our team of expert real estate lawyers. In this case as well, you will receive top-notch legal assistance from Italy Law Firm Rome, with the sole aim of promoting your interests, providing advice on the best deals, and preparing all the necessary documents for property purchases or rentals.

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Working in the beautiful “Città Eterna” (Eternal City) is a life-changing experience. The architectural marvels, millennia-old history, and the serene lifestyle that only Italy can offer create an environment where you can conduct your business with minimal additional stress. From Rome, you can effectively manage all your affairs, securing excellent investments amidst the beauty that only a historically rich and graceful country like Italy can provide.
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Our service and legal assistance for your Citizenship in Rome

With our comprehensive legal assistance service, we simplify the journey to obtaining Italian citizenship, specifically tailored to foreigners who are interested in establishing themselves in Italy for personal and professional reasons. Our team of immigration and Italian citizenship specialists is dedicated to providing complete support, ensuring an efficient and timely process for the citizenship application.
Italy Law Firm Rome excels in assisting international clients throughout the intricate process of acquiring Italian citizenship. Our skilled lawyers will diligently handle the collection of all necessary documents and manage the complex procedures of translation and legalization. Additionally, we will ensure meticulous preparation of the petition for recognition as an Italian citizen in the relevant court and handle the passport application at the Consulate. Our goal is to offer a comprehensive and trustworthy solution for our clients, providing them with peace of mind throughout the entire process.