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Are you planning to invest in Italy? Please find here the most common questions regarding how to secure your investment and make it profitable by navigating the Italian business market with the guide of expert commercial attorneys

Currently, one of the most promising investment opportunities in Italy lies within the renewable energy sector. With Italy’s commitment to transitioning towards cleaner and sustainable energy sources, there is substantial potential for growth in areas such as solar and wind energy projects. The country’s favorable regulatory framework, incentives for renewable energy development, and its strategic geographical location make it an attractive destination for investors looking to capitalize on the global shift towards greener solutions. Investing in Italy’s renewable energy sector not only aligns with environmental goals but also presents the prospect of long-term returns in a sector poised for significant expansion

In order to be able to run an agritourism, you need to start up an Agricultural Company. If you start an individual company, you do need to elect your primary residency in Italy. Otherwise, you could start a Limited Company (holding the shares). In this second case, the company can be or “professional Agricultural Company – but you do need to have in the Board an Italian Professional Farmer) or a “no professional” Agricultural Company (but you will be not entitled to benefit all agricultural incentives).

Buying an existing Italian business requires a detailed Legal and Accounting Due Diligence. Veryfing the solidity of an Italian company is more easy for Limited and SpA; on the other hand, it is no possible to purchase an individual company as it is absolutely difficult to make an accurate Due Diligence of types of companies (such as a s.a.s) where part of the shares are of a personal nature.

Replying to this question is not simple. The profitabilty depends on many factors, starting from the Region of Italy where you want to invest, the type of property you want to buy (residential, commercial, touristic). Let’s say that an average profit generated by renting a residential property with Airbnb could amount to 5% net respecting the cost for purchasing the property.