Litigation in Italy

Criminal Law


Our staff is composed by lawyers with a solid professional background and a wide experience in the field of criminal law, who can provide assistance in all branches of criminal law, both for formal and also for those of offense.
In particular, the law firm provides assistance in the field of:

  • environmental criminal law of the environment, town planning and the territory in general;
  • economical criminal law;
  • responsibility of legal entities pursuant to Law 231/2001;
  • tributary criminal law;
  • criminal law of gambling;
  • clandestine immigration;
  • workplace injury;
  • medical negligence.

The study also deals with crimes and violations:

  • against property (eg: theft, embezzlement, possession, trafficking and trading of drugs, circumvention of incapable, stewardship, recycling, self-laundering, etc.);
  • against the person (eg: sexual violence, injury, willful murder, involuntary manslaughter, including while driving under the influence of alcohol or violation of other traffic regulations);
  • against public administration (eg: abuse of office, corruption, bribery);
  • against public faith (eg: false, counterfeiting);
  • against the family (eg: failure to pay the means of subsistence or payment of the maintenance alimony, maltreatment in the family);

Legal assistance is provided both in terms of consultancy and judicial assistance.