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Media & IP law in Italy

Every business entity needs to benefit from expertise in media & IP Law in Italy, which sets the legal basis for the creation of a profitable business brand and an effective marketing strategy for people that want to invest in Italy. The conclusion of a profitable licensing transaction and the negotiation of a good deal with a radio station that will advertise your business are but two examples illustrating how vital it is to benefit from our in-depth knowledge in media & IP Law in Italy.

The expertise of our Italian and foreign-qualified lawyers in the field of Media & IP Law includes:

  • Brand Management/Trade Mark Filing;
  • Data privacy;
  • Drafting of the Terms of Use of your Website;
  • Defamation/Reputation Management;
  • IP Exploitation and Licensing;
  • Litigation (IP Rights Protection);
  • E-Commerce and Online Contracts;
  • Consumer Contracts;
  • Software and IT Contracts (e.g., cloud services agreements)
  • Contracts with media outlets selling advertising space (radio and TV stations, newspapers) and media shops.

Sectors in which we are particularly active include:

  • Content distribution;
  • Film and TV;
  • Music;
  • Online Retail;
  • Sport;
  • Technology and
  • Publishing.
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