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Contracts are the cornerstone of every successful business activity. To be implemented effectively, all innovative ideas must be backed by a well-drafted contract grasping all the issues that may arise in its performance from thoroughly describing the parties’ obligations and rights to leaving no doubt about the applicable law in case of non-compliance.

Our Italian- and foreign-qualified lawyers provide a wide range of services to build a solid business relationship with your partners.

These services include support from the very early negotiation stages to the conclusion of the final agreement as well as follow-up monitoring to ensure respect for the commitments undertaken by yourself or the other party.

We have an unparalleled expertise in both contracts governed entirely by Italian contract law and agreements with a cross-border (European and international) dimension.

Clients benefit from our comprehensive experience across a wide range of areas, including:

  • Lease agreements (for either personal or business use of the property)
  • Sale and purchase of real estate property arrangements
  • Employment contracts
  • Vertical agreements such as franchise, master-franchise, exclusive and selective distribution agreements
  • ICT agreements such as technical know-how licensing agreements
  • Agreements in the fashion industry such as IP licensing, agency and retail distributorship agreements
  • Joint Venture (JV) agreements
  • ‘Preliminary’ agreements such as confidentiality agreements, memoranda of understanding (MoU) and Letters of Intent (LoI).

The working languages of our law firm in the area of contract law are: Italian, English, German, Spanish and Greek.

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