Contract Law

Contracts are the cornerstone of every successful business activity. To be implemented effectively, all innovative ideas must be backed by a well-drafted contract grasping all the issues that may arise in its performance from thoroughly describing the parties’ obligations and rights to leaving no doubt about the applicable law in case of non-compliance.

Our Italian- and foreign-qualified lawyers provide a wide range of services to build a solid business relationship with your partners.

These services include support from the very early negotiation stages to the conclusion of the final agreement as well as follow-up monitoring to ensure respect for the commitments undertaken by yourself or the other party.

We have an unparalleled expertise in both contracts governed entirely by Italian contract law and agreements with a cross-border (European and international) dimension.

Clients benefit from our comprehensive experience across a wide range of areas, including:

  • Lease agreements (for either personal or business use of the property)
  • Sale and purchase of real estate property arrangements
  • Employment contracts
  • Vertical agreements such as franchise, master-franchise, exclusive and selective distribution agreements
  • ICT agreements such as technical know-how licensing agreements
  • Agreements in the fashion industry such as IP licensing, agency and retail distributorship agreements
  • Joint Venture (JV) agreements
  • ‘Preliminary’ agreements such as confidentiality agreements, memoranda of understanding (MoU) and Letters of Intent (LoI).

The working languages of our law firm in the area of contract law are: Italian, English, German, Spanish and Greek.

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The contents of this page should not be taken as an authoritative statement of Italian law and practice. Neither the author nor the publisher are responsible for the results of actions taken on the basis of information contained in this summary, nor for any errors or omissions. This text is not intended to render legal, accounting or tax advice. Readers are encouraged to seek professional advice concerning specific matters before making any decision.


  1. Saiful says:

    I heard that application will start in Italy from March 27. How true is it, and how can I apply from Bangladesh?

  2. samiullah khan says:

    I want to move with my family to Italy. Can you guide easy and fastest way to get immigration to Italy. I am from Pakistan and my family consists of just my wife and me.

  3. Aivaras says:

    Hello, me and my wife would like to get mortgage in Italy, it is quite small amount 20k. We bouth EU citizens.

    • Italy Law Firms Staff says:

      Ciao Aivaras,
      many thanks for your post. Obtaining a mortgage in Italy as no resident is possible but there are many papers and legalization to provide the Italian Banks with. Please send us amn email and we will put in contact with our partners Italian mortgage brokers that will verify whether you are eligible to obtain a mortgage in Italy.

  4. Serkan Ercin says:

    Hi, I am a Turkish citizen having a C level position in an international firm (namely KPMG). I’d like to buy a house in Italy with up to 40% advance payment and 60% mortgage. Could you help me which Banks will be the best choice for application.

  5. Eder says:

    I recently signed a contract with 2 individuals for a common apartment lease.
    We agreed on a verbal contract prior to the signing (each one of us has made a law that’s important to him) and they keep breaking mine’s. I would like to know if this is considered as a breach of contract – therefore my commitment to them as a lease partner is revoked???

    Thank you in advance

    • Italy Law Firms Staff says:

      Ciao Eder,
      many thanks for your post.
      A verbal agreement between two contract parties for Italian Law is absolutely legal and binding. However it is not always easy to demonstrate the content of a verbal agreement. In order to evaluate your case, please send us an email and our Italian contract lawyer fluent in English will analyze your case.

  6. Ranjeeta Multani says:

    Hola, i am indian girl who are willing to work to italy for this i need Nulla osta de lavoro . Can you help me findout employer who offer me job of seasonal fruit picking.

    • Italy Law Firms Staff says:

      please take into account that we are not a Work Agency but an Italian Law Firm; if you need legal assistance to relocate to Italy and to deal with the official documents in Italian please write and our Italian Attorneys fluent in English will reply to you soon.

  7. Sandeep Kumar says:

    Hello I am an Indian citizen I really want work visa like Decreto Flussi.i want come to Italy and work and earn money for better life

  8. Ya says:

    Cariño,soy una joven de 21 años, llegue a Italia por un contrato de trabajo por 3 meses , cuando llegue al país a trabajar , la persona que me trajo solo me dieron unos papeles de atribuzione del códice fiscale, y una copia de un papel , que dice copie per ok richiedente , el deposito esos papeles pero nunca me dio lo que tenía que darme , nose si eran unos papeles para yo poder alargar mi visado , pero se quedo con ellos para que no lo hiciera, una vez yo llegue a trabajar y no me gustó el trabajo por que no era nada de lo que me habían dicho , pues a los dies días que no aguantaba las malas noches y todo eso , pues desidi irme a España dmd una tía de mi amiga , por que no tenía a nadie en Italia , pues tampoco me informe por que no sabía moverme , que yo podía extender mi visado , incluso me dicen aquí en España que desde que entré a Italia me tenía que dar una tarjeta de residencia pero que Esa persona que me trajo se quedo con todo mis papeles originales para que yo no pudiera renovar nada y si me quedaba pues fuera ilegal , pues hasta ahora viene a enterarme pero ya estaba aquí en España y no tenía una forma de ir a Italia a ver si podía hacer algo pero se me venció el visado, y quisiera saber si no hay una forma de yo poder hacer algo para no estar ilegal , si puediera tramitar algo nose ?

  9. nina says:

    Dear Sirs,
    I am a UK national looking into moving to Italy as self employed. What documents do I need for registering myself and my non-EU parents for residence card in Italy?
    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  10. Rony says:

    I am a Student in Czech.If I get job offer from Italy then i will gwt work permit in Italy ?

    • Michele Ambrogio says:

      Ciao Rony
      many thanks for your message.
      If you had a job offer from Italy, your empolyer should dela with your Permit.
      By the way please send us an email to to give us more details.

  11. Dominic Di Lello says:

    Foreigner to get a mortgage

    • Michele Ambrogio says:

      Ciao Dominic,

      many thanks for your comment.
      We confirm that a foreigner is allowed to obtain a mortgage from an Italian Bank. Please write us at in order to give us more details about your needs.

    • Michele Ambrogio says:

      Dear Dominic
      we confirm that a foreigner can get a mortgage form an Italia Bank. Please send us more details in a private email and we will are going to provide you with more details.

  12. Carolyn Oliver says:

    Sister and I were denied Elective Residency visa for Italy. Miami consulate made decision based on income. They want $4000 month or minimum €31,000 year ly. We did not show that amount but have savings,iras, social security etc. I could have restructured my finances to have that monthly income but did not know it was a requirement. Since sending in documents and before rejection letter we were approached about leasing our three properties. This would definatly put our incomes in that range.

    Sister has an apartment in Italy paid for and we have no debt. Should we appeal or resubmit application?
    If we appeal may the new finances be presented?

    • Michele Ambrogio says:

      Dear Carolyn,
      a negative decision held by an Italian Consulate may be appealed at the Central Administrative Court in Rome. In order to be able to give you our preliminary opinion we would need more information.
      Please write us at

  13. Paloma says:

    Good afternoon,

    My name is Paloma and I am an online marketing expert. I work for a San Francisco based company ( whose main goal is to become the “wikipedia” for Dual Citizenship. Currently, we receive many questions on how to obtain Italian dual citizenship by descent, mainly coming from nationals of U.S.A, the United Kingdom and Canada (I copied some of them below for your reference).

    I would like to connect to a subject matter expert, so I can answer to our users and also create good quality content to publish on our blog and social media networks. If it interests you, we could even discuss the possibility of sending you prospects.

    Let me know if you would like to schedule a time to meet and discuss how we could collaborate.

    Thank you in advance for your time,

    Kind Regards,

    1) Hi I have my dual citizenship with the United States and Italy and I am looking to gain Italian citizenship for my husband and child. I was wondering if you deal with these types of circumstances?

    2) I am seeking Italian citizenship jus sanguinis. My mother and her father/my maternal grandfather were born in the U.S. This grandfather’s father/my maternal great grandfather was born in Italy. This great grandfather came to the U.S. and never was naturalized, and was an Italian citizen at the time of my grandfather’s birth in the U.S. Neither I, nor my mother, nor my grandfather (all born in U.S.) denounced Italian citizenship. It was my understanding that I qualify for Italian citizenship jus sanguinis through this Italian born great grandfather even though my maternal grandfather and my mother were born in the U.S.

    3) Hello, I need to have my documents translated and apostille.

    4) My great grandmother, on my mothers side, was born in Italy in 1886 and she immigrated to the US where my grandmother was born in 1926. My great grandmother was still a citizen of Italy when my grandmother was born. I know there is a law that states women cannot pass down citizenship if they were born before 1948, BUT the Italian government recently declared this discrimination against women so I believe that it is now possible for this to work for me. I have her original naturalization papers, they are dated in 1949. If there is still no way for this to work, I also have Italian descendants on my fathers side that were born in Italy, but I do not have their papers. Please let me know if you can help me, I would LOVE for this to work!!!!!!

    5) I would like to learn more about applying for both Italian, and Croatian, citizenship as my mother was born in Italy, and my father, in the former Yugoslavia, but what is now present-day Croatia. On average, how long does the process take?

  14. muhammad amir mujahid says:

    HI have a nice day i am amir from Pakistan at the moment i am Germany with my wife two children our asylum application is rejected and the German govt ask us leave the German and we want to apply asylum in Italy how can you help us we want to apply asylum in Milan so plz tell me can you help us for accommodation and i need some health care because i am sugar patients and mentally ill so plz replay me i am waiting your answer and how can help us for finger removing in Germany thanks . and i am waiting your answer

  15. Abes says:

    Hi I’m a non eu citizen and live in Rome , and my husband is an Italian who lives in U.K.
    I wanna request for the immigration process
    Can you make an appointment for me the clear the whole process and cost of that ?
    I’m leaving the London on Monday 23rd and I’ll be in Rome on 1st of November
    , please let me know how can I make and appointment As soon as possible please
    Thanks a lot

  16. Hi,
    We have Ready-to-buy customers email list of Lawyers from Italy.
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  17. Ding zhou says:

    Hi I recently applied for elective residency application, and unfortunately my application is refused. However, I would like to appeal the decision. The time limited is 60days and I would like to know if your firm is able to help me with this issue. Thanks

  18. Mrs. Abbasi says:

    Respected Sir

    We both spouses fly from Dubai to Czech Republic and then from Czech Republic we can go to Italy and apply for asylum. Can us both spouses eligible to apply to asylum in Italy or Italy Government will send us back to the Czech Republic.
    Simple Question and Simple answer that we can apply it or not. We Entitle for asylum in Italy or not?
    Both husband and wife is Ambitious asylum in the Italy as a peaceful, beautiful and historic country. Both spouses would like to live in the best environment, enlightened and educated people.

    Thanks with Regards
    Your truly

  19. Kimberley Bowden says:

    Can you give me quote for how much it would cost to speed up my ancestry citizenship which i have approved for. I need to be registered and apply. I am in EU and really need it asap. How long would it take approx?

    • giovanni maggio says:

      salve io sono sposato con una donna colombiana, con una figlia di 17 anni (il prossimo mese 18 anni) da Novembre 2019, doveva venire in italia a marzo ,ma con il virus e rimasta bloccata, adesso nonostante che conte ha permesso che i coniugi si possono riunire non riesco a farla venire, il certificato di matrimonio e gia registrato in comune ad Alessandria dove abito. non riusciamo a metterci in contatto con ambasciata italiana in Colombia, non rispondono ne email, ne telefono adesso nel sito, c’è questo formulario


      A partire dal 7 settembre, tutti i cittadini colombiani e stranieri, in entrata e in uscita dalla Colombia, prima di imbarcarsi su un volo internazionale, devono obbligatoriamente inserire i propri dati sulla app di Migración Colombia Check-Mig
      Dopo l’inserimento delle informazioni richieste il passeggero riceverà un’e-mail di conferma che deve presentare in aeroporto alle Autorità migratorie.


      Dal 21 settembre entrano in vigore i seguenti requisiti per l’ingresso in Colombia dei passeggeri autorizzati:

      esibire prova PCR Covid-19 realizzata NELLE 96 ORE ANTERIORI ALL’ORARIO DI PARTENZA del volo per la Colombia, con risultato negativo;
      compilare nelle 24 ore precedenti alla partenza il modello Check-Mig;
      effettuare la registrazione del proprio stato di salute attraverso l’applicazione CoronApp (da scaricare nelle principali piattaforme).
      All’arrivo in Colombia non sarà più obbligatorio l’isolamento di 14 giorni, tenuto conto che il passeggero sarà in possesso della prova PCR Covid-19 con risultato negativo.

      In tutti glia altri casi, solo eccezionali e comunque espressamente autorizzati, il passeggero all’arrivo in Colombia dovrà rispettare l’isolamento preventivo obbligatorio, oltre che effettuare il tampone e seguire le misure che gli verranno indicate dalle Autorità sanitarie.

      obbligando di aquistare i biglietti aerei in anticipo, come ho gia fatto, per la terza volta
      Da marzo ho gia fatto 2 volte i biglietti ,aspetto ancora rimborsi.
      Mi fate sapere grazie se si puo fare qualcosa??

      Grazie cordialmente saluto

  20. Maged Basta says:


    My wife is Egyptian, she is 41 years old. Her father and mother have the Italian passport. I would like to investigate how can my wife and myself 47years and our two children 16-12 years old manage to get the passport in Italy.

    We are also ready to make investment in Italu.

    Please call me anytime on +971504552706

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