Lucca and Versilia

The Dynamic Real Estate Scenario in Lucca, Italy

In Lucca old town, the past and present merge seamlessly. Here, apartments for sale are not just properties, but pieces of history — each with its own story to tell. Within the city of Lucca itself, modern amenities meet ancient beauty.

Here Italian real estate offerings cater to a diverse clientele with a range of needs — from the environment-conscious seeking an eco house in the countryside of Sant’Alessio, San Concordio and Marlia, to those desiring villas and luxury apartments.

Between churches, towers, palaces and squares, Tuscan apartment and villas in this area are sought after for their original features and proximity to the city’s famed Renaissance walls. Outside the walls, more affordable apartments and small villas with views of the countryside can be found from €2,000 per sqm.

Lucca’s Old Town: A Timeless Charm

In the old center of Lucca, elegant apartments and townhouses in ancient palazzos offer the chance to own a piece of this UNESCO heritage site. Prices average around €3,000 per sqm but can reach over €10,000 per sqm for ultra luxury units on prestigious streets like Via Fillungo. 

The average house price in Lucca Italy is growing but still affordable, making it a secure investment. In January 2024, the average asking price for residential properties for sale in Lucca old town was €3,444 per square meter, marking an increase of 9.40% compared to January 2023. Foreign investors are looking to buy houses in sectors like:

Sectors / LuccaSale Price (€/m²)Rental Price (€/m²)
Corte S.Lorenzo2,8008.5
Cortile degli Svizzeri2,8008.5
Piazza Anfiteatro2,9259
Piazza dei Mercanti2,9259
Piazza del Carmine2,8008.5
Piazza del Giglio2,8638.75
Piazza Napoleone2,8638.75
Piazza San Francesco2,8008.5
Via del Crocifisso2,8008.5
Via del Duomo2,8008.5
Via del Fosso2,8008.5
Via del Giardino Botanico2,8008.5
Via di Mezzo2,8008.5
Via Fillungo2,8638.75

It is also important to note the positive trend of rental prices, given the increasing demand for this area as a quality tourist destination, mixing shopping and culture – ruins and Roman villas, medieval architecture, music festivals, exhibitions, and major events, in the name of life sustainability.

Lucca Province: Diversity at Its Finest

The province of Lucca, in the North of Tuscany, extends the invitation further, encompassing the serene Garfagnana with its Appenine landscapes, the fertile Piana rich in history, and the sun-kissed Versilia with Alpi Apuane mountains. Here, one can find everything from farm houses for sale to a luxurious Tuscan agriturismo. For those looking to celebrate their special days in this picturesque region, options like a luxury villa in Forte Dei Marmi or a country house in the hills of Camaiore and Pietrasanta are something to consider.

In the Piana, Media Valle and Garfagnana, country estates and farmhouses immersed in olive groves or vineyards provide a peaceful escape from city life. Places like Barga, Castelnuovo, Bagni di Lucca, Capannori and the Media Valle area have beautifully restored village homes from €1,500 per sqm. For an investment, an agriturismo with demonstrable turnover, expect to invest €2,500-€3,500 per sqm or find your ‘rudere’ and start a restoration project.

Real Estate in Lucca

Versilia: Lucca’s Coastal Gem

Versilia, with its sandy beaches and chic social scene, is the crown jewel of Lucca’s real estate market. Luxury homes for sale in Versilia often refer to the sumptuous villas in places like Viareggio, Camaiore, Massarosa, Seravezza, Pietrasanta, and the exclusive Forte dei Marmi.

These places have been a buen retiro for painters, sculptors, writers, and artists. Here, many entrepreneurs from all over the world have invested and are moving to live. There are infrastructures, the proximity to ports (Livorno, La Spezia) and airports (Pisa), the quality of life. We are one hour by car from Florence, two hours from Genoa, Bologna and Parma.

For breathtaking sea views, Versilia is home to some of Tuscany’s most exclusive properties. In Viareggio, Art Nouveau villas near the promenade and renovated townhouses start around €5,500 per sqm. In Pietrasanta, an arts hub popular with wealthy Milanese, small villas average €4,000-€5,000 per sqm. Camaiore, with its ancient Roman origins, has become an interesting area, with prices starting from €3,500 per sqm. But the real prestige properties are in Forte dei Marmi and Cinquale, where sprawling seafront villas reach €10,000-€15,000 per sqm. Plot prices for new builds go up to €5,000 per sqm. A rare investment opportunity!

Forte dei Marmi Villas for Sale: The Pinnacle of Luxury and Privacy

Forte dei Marmi is the epitome of the dolce vita, replete with elegance and exclusivity. Forte dei Marmi villas for sale, particularly in the esteemed Villa Roma Imperiale area, represent more than mere investments – they are your passport to a distinctive lifestyle.

As of January 2024, the average list price for residential properties in the Forte dei Marmi market stood at €9,704 per square meter. This figure marks a 7.98% increase from the previous year’s average of €8,987 per square meter. The past two years have seen the average price in the Central zone reach its zenith. According to insights from, the priciest luxury homes in Italy are located here and in the Veneto Alps. Forte dei Marmi shines brighter than the famed Cortina d’Ampezzo in terms of luxury home prices, boasting an average listing price of 2 million euros, surpassing Cortina’s 1.3 million euros.

In the Versilia area, the prevalence of standalone living accommodations is quite pronounced, with Forte dei Marmi boasting as much as 84% of its housing comprised of villas and detached homes. Here’s a look at the most coveted neighborhoods:

Sectors / Forte Dei MarmiSale Price (€/m²)Rental Price (€/m²)
Roma Imperiale11.94020,95
Vittoria Apuana7.82919,52

Viareggio: Marine Lifestyle and Beyond

In Viareggio, a city that pioneered Italy’s seaside tourism between the late 19th and early 20th centuries, visitors can immerse themselves in an ambiance of historical charm and modern leisure. The cityscape is peppered with Art Nouveau architecture, boutique shops, fine dining establishments, and inviting parks and squares. With its expansive beaches and fragrant pine forests, Viareggio is renowned for its exuberant carnival – a magnet for tourists in every season.

Apartments and homes in Viareggio deliver a perfect mix of seaside charm and a lively cultural vibe. The local real estate spectrum spans from cozy flats to expansive, stately residences. Along the prestigious seafront strip known as the ‘Passeggiata’, apartments for sale on the higher floors begin at €5,000 per square meter, boasting breathtaking views of the ocean, the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago, and the Apuan Alps.

Interested in purchasing a property in Viareggio? Reach out to us now and share your requirements. We’re here to tailor the ideal solution just for you.

Sectors / ViareggioSale Price (€/m²)Rental Price (€/m²)
Bicchio – Varignano2.2158,42
Darsena – Ex Campo di Aviazione2.58911,17
Marco Polo – Don Bosco3.15317,98
Terminetto – Migliarina2.43011,42
Torre del Lago2.31314,08
Città Giardino4.97817,08
Real estate versilia

Pietrasanta: The Artists’ Haven

The city of Pietrasanta was founded by a Milanese noble in the 16th century and has always been under the authority of the Medici family and Florence.

Pietrasanta’s old town is where art meets life. Houses for sale here are not just dwellings but sanctuaries for creativity, surrounded by galleries and studios. But there is also a great buzz regarding the commercial real estate market, given the continuous influx of visitors in every season. 

The municipality’s coastal stretch boasts the highest concentration of villas and exclusive properties. Price points vary, starting from around 3000 euros per square meter in the Tonfano area to 5000 euros per square meter in the Focette neighborhood. For bargain hunters, the scenic hillside regions offer attractive pricing, with homes in locales such as Vallecchia, Solaio, Capriglia, Capezzano Monte, Valdicastello, and Strettoia beginning at 1500 euros per square meter.

Sectors / PietrasantaSale Price (€/m²)Rental Price (€/m²)
Marina Di Pietrasanta, Fiumetto, Tonfano, Motrone, Focette436014,38
Pietrasanta Capoluogo25899,16
Tonfano, Marina Entroterra31739,08
Interno Marina E Periferia Sud/est Capoluogo20246,00
Periferia Di Pietrasanta Lungo La Viabilita Di Nord Ovest Verso Seravezza E Lungo La Via Aurelia Verso Sud19325,88
Vallecchia – Solaio – Capriglia – Capezzano Monte – Valdicastello15244,25
Zona Rurale16443,75

Exploring the Real Estate Market in Camaiore, Italy

Camaiore, with its expansive municipality, presents a captivating real estate market ripe for investment. This region’s appeal is twofold: not only does it offer stunning, postcard-perfect landscapes, but it also brings substantial benefits for those interested in property investment. Known as Versilia’s most bucolic area, Camaiore options for investment range from renovating a quaint ruin amidst Capezzano’s orchards into a delightful agriturismo, to acquiring a hillside villa by a babbling brook in Candalla, converting a mountain hideaway into a boutique hotel, or even owning a luxurious penthouse in Lido di Camaiore, featuring panoramic views of the Ligurian Sea and the Gulf of Poets.

To invest in Camaiore is to claim a piece of Tuscany’s opulent cultural and historical tapestry. The locale caters perfectly to those in pursuit of sports, adventure, culture, and a rich historical experience. For those seeking serenity, Camaiore Paese offers a peaceful retreat, embodying the soul of a traditional Tuscan hamlet. But its status as a tourist magnet renders it a prime spot for vacation rentals too. 

Drawing from’s data as of January 2024, below is a curated table outlining property prices across various sectors of Camaiore:

Sectors / CamaioreSale Price (€/m²)Rental Price (€/m²)
Lido di Camaiore3,96719.79
Capezzano Pianore2,52320.31
Camaiore Paese2,22912.62
Real Estate Market in Camaiore

These figures reflect a real estate market that caters to a range of budgets and preferences, from premium beachfront properties in Lido di Camaiore to more affordable inland options.

ILF Versilia: Rely on Trusted Partners

If you’re considering a commercial real estate investment in this area, bear in mind that Versilia is a land rich in industries such as shipbuilding, marble extraction and stoneworking, with numerous small businesses involved in processing and marketing, as well as activities in the tourism sector.

Our local branch of Italy Law Firms Versilia consists of professionals skilled in the field of legal services for the real estate sector. Our offices rely on lawyers specialized in Property Management, Taxation and Corporate Law, as well as accountants, architects, surveyors, and technicians who can assist you at every stage of your real estate investment.

Our experts attorneys are fluent in English and will be able to help you right from the initial phase – the selection of the property, the valuation, the assessment of the price, the calculation of renovation costs, the operations of tax relief to obtain bonuses and the best mortgage that suits your needs. 

Visit us for a complimentary consultation at our offices in Viareggio’s Darsena area, close to the harbor. Alternatively, we are happy to offer the convenience of a video call if preferred. Whether it involves investing in a second home, renovating a property you intend to live in, or purchasing a commercial space to start a new business swiftly, ILF Versilia is the suitable partner for your legal and fiscal needs, as well as personal, family, and business matters in Italy.

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