ILF: Attorneys in Lucca and Versilia

Looking for a law firm in Lucca? Need legal counsel in Viareggio or elsewhere in the Versilia region? ILF – Italy Law Firms relies on more than 15 years of legal assistance to international citizens living or conducting business in Italy. While our main office is in Florence, we recognized the demand for our legal services in the north of Tuscany. In 2024, we have opened a branch in Viareggio to cater to the needs of our foreign clients in Versilia and the surrounding areas, including the entire Province of Lucca and beyond, in Pisa and Massa-Carrara.

Attorneys in Lucca and Versilia

Our legal assistance services in Versilia and Lucca

At ILF Versilia, we provide an array of services to individuals, such as assistance with VISA applications, residence permits, citizenship requests, family law, document legalization, tax matters, and self-employment issues.

Businesses can also benefit from our comprehensive legal services, including guidance on corporate law, trademarks, patents, industrial rights, copyright, employment law, contracts, business relationships, privacy compliance, and security protocols.

Attorneys in Lucca and Versilia

Meet our Local Team

An individual who relocates to Italy for personal or professional reasons needs competent legal assistance. Italy is a progressive country, one of the largest economies in the world. However, life here is rooted in bureaucracy, and having access to experienced lawyers is essential. Our team is ready to provide you with strategic legal assistance on all social issues concerning family law, property, inheritance, wills, contracts, and testamentary dispositions. 

Furthermore, we are highly qualified attorneys specialized in handling issues related to transactions, real estate  – the purchase of commercial and residential properties, vacation houses, boats, luxury goods – and commercial law.

Do not hesitate to contact us for needs related to your professional interests, from the management of asset portfolios to advice on the best grants to apply for in terms of subsidized.

Whether for personal or business matters, ILF Versilia is here to ensure your legal affairs in Italy are handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

Contact Us

We invite you to visit us at our offices in the Viareggio Darsena. 

Here, you can discuss your needs and tell us about your project, whether it’s a residential investment opportunity or a business idea for which you require technical and legal support.

We also run financial consultations, to introduce your foreign company to the Italian market with the best incentives.

Attorneys in Lucca and Versilia


Real Estate

Real Estate Lawyers in Versilia

Nestled in the heart of Tuscany, the enchanting landscapes and historical treasures of Lucca present a real estate tableau as rich and varied as the region’s famed culinary and winery offerings. From the cobblestone streets of Lucca’s old town to the luxurious villas of Versilia, each corner of this area offers unique opportunities for buyers and investors. Italy Law Firms can rely on a dedicated team of attorneys in Lucca and Versilia with a strong expertize in real estate law, investments and property management.


Navigating the Mortgage Maze as a Foreigner in Lucca Province

Italy, with its rich cultural heritage and stunning landscapes, has long been a magnet for those looking to purchase a slice of Mediterranean bliss. Foremost among these are the idyllic properties in Versilia, where rolling hills and historical towns offer a dream setting for international buyers. However, the process of securing an Italian mortgage as a non-resident can seem daunting.

Business Legal Consultancy Services in Tuscany

We provide essential support for companies navigating the local and international commercial environment. We offer tailored advice, company formation, compliance, contract law, mergers and acquisitions, dispute resolution, and regulatory navigation. Legal strategic planning, financial advisory, and internationalization. Our experience extends from real estate to manufacturing and shipbuilding.